Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should consider attending TMCC High School?

  • Students who need a change.
  • Students who are focused and want to get a jump start on their college education.
  • Students who aren’t very involved with activities at their home high school and who are ready to move on with their lives.
  • Students who want a better selection of elective classes. The college offers over 1200 sections of college courses; classes are offered in almost every field of interest.

Who do I talk to about TMCC High School?

Contact the TMCC High School.

What skills and habits should a student have in order to succeed at TMCC High School?

While it would be nice if all students arrived “ready for college,” the truth is that some students develop the skills and habits they need to be successful once they attend TMCC High School.

  • Good conduct
  • Work toward academic excellence
  • Good study habits
  • Good attendance
  • The ability to manage time
  • The ability to solve problems
  • The willingness to ask for help
  • The willingness to ask questions

What percentage of the students who attend TMCC High School are successful?

Of the students who are accepted and attend TMCC High School, approximately 90 to 95 percent successfully make the transition.

How much college credit can a student expect to earn at TMCC High School?

On average students who complete two years at TMCC High School will earn 30 college credits, which is equivalent to one year of college.

How do TMCC High School students compare to other college students?

Most students do as well or better than the average college population. Even though TMCC High School students may be the youngest in their college classes, they are often better prepared for the material, and they become very involved students.

Do I have to pay for help in the Tutoring and Learning Center?

No, this is a free service for all TMCC students, including TMCC High School students.