Admission Process: Steps-to-Enroll

How to Apply and What to Expect

Step 1: Acquire a High School Admission Application

You can download an enrollment application here, or get one from TMCC High School by calling TMCC High School at 775-674-7660 to have one mailed, or by picking one up at the TMCC High School office.

Step 2: Send/Submit the Completed Application

The completed application can be mailed or brought to the TMCC High School office. The completed application must have all parent/student signatures, unofficial transcript, attendance record for the current school year, any testing you may have, and teacher/counselor recommendations. The teacher/counselor recommendations can be mailed via inter-school mail by the teacher/counselor. The process to accept or deny the application can take up to two weeks. The more complete the information we have, the less time it takes to process an application.

Step 3: Processing Your Application

When we process your application and find that you are borderline or do not meet the criteria for acceptance, we will call or email you. Based on your application, we may require you to do certain things in the areas of academics, attendance, and/or discipline to enhance your chances of meeting our entrance criteria and aid in your success, or we may deny your application.

Step 4: Admission Acceptance

When we process your application and accept you, we will send out an enrollment packet and an orientation/registration packet. The forms in the enrollment packet must be completed and sent back to the TMCC High School office as soon as possible. The orientation/registration packet will contain the dates/time/place for orientation and registration as well as registration instructions.

Step 5: Orientation

Orientation is held separately from registration and is mandatory for student and parent. You will not be allowed to register if you have not attended orientation.

Step 6: Take the ACCUPLACER Test

Before registration you must take the ACCUPLACER test at TMCC. Instructions will be included in the orientation/registration packet. It is important to read all of the instructions on the registration packet.